Sunday 17th – Closed
Monday 18th – 9am-6pm
Tuesday 19h – 9am-6pm
Wednesday 20th – 9am-6pm
Thursday 21st – 9am-8pm (Extended Hours)
Friday 22nd – 9am-6pm
Saturday 23rd – 9am-5pm
Sunday 24th – 10-1pm  (Perfect time to pick up that Christmas Lay-by!)

Monday 25th – Closed for Christmas
Tuesday 26th – Closed for Boxing Day
Wednesday 27th – 10am-4pm
Thursday 28th – 10am-4pm
Friday 29th – 10am-4pm
Saturday 30th – 9am-2pm
Sunday 31st – Closed


Monday 1st – Closed for New Years Day
Tuesday 2nd – resume normal programming. (9am-6pm Monday – Friday and 9am-5pm Saturday)
Wednesday 3rd – Workshop Reopens (Please book ahead!!)

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