What is S-Works?

It’s the Best of the Best, no compromise. 


The term S-Works is the Specialized version of “Skunk Works”, the advanced research and design department of Lockheed Martin. The designation is used widely in business, engineering and tech fields to describe a group within an organisation with a high degree of autonomy – unhampered by bureaucracy they are tasked with the workings of advanced or secret projects. In the case of Specialized, the S-Works marque is reserved for products that represent the most revolutionary and innovative thinking.

Goals like “lighter” and “faster” are pursued without regard to effort, expense or tradition. S-Works products are created by a team of industry-leading engineers, fabricators, designers, product managers and professional athletes, so Specialized riders enjoy the ultimate ride.

Each S-Works product is dedicated to meet the need of the world’s most demanding athletes and riders.


See the full range of  S-Works Bikes, Clothing and equipment at www.specialized.com

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