Shop Rides


Wednesday Night MTB ride

  • 6:30pm Yarra Trails, ride of approx 2 hours at the pace of the slowest rider!!
  • Each week we alternate direction – Up Stream towards Westerfolds Park and Downstream towards Richmond.
  • Fun, social ride on the local trails along the edge of the Yarra.
  • These are all no drop SOCIAL rides but we do expect you to be self sufficient with your own spares, lights & water.
  • Check out Facebook or Instagram for updates if the weather is looking average!
  • Join our Facebook MTB Ride Communicator to keep up to date with more rides and events.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.39.42 am

Saturday Morning Bunch Road Ride

  • Departing 7:30am from the shop.
  • Road bikes only,
  • beginner to intermediate, no drop.
  • 25-30kmh Average speed for Approx 40 kilometres

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