Worth the wait!

Though it may have been the peloton’s worst kept secret, the 2018 Tarmac Disc is finally here. Rider First Engineered, 45 seconds faster and now with disc brakes, Specialized’s most complete race bike just got that little bit … well … more complete.

If you want to go fast, like go fast everywhere, this is the bike. This is the bike that’s made for everything from Grand Tours to your local fondo, and with a ground-up redesign, a heavy dose of aero wizardry, and of course, disc brakes.


Rider-First Engineered

Seven different sizes with the same tuned ride. The only way to do this is to obsess over every carbon ply and arrangement. It isn’t the kind of glamorous work that lands you on the cover of magazines. Nope. It’s scientists scrutinizing every thickness and shape, having heated arguments over stiffness targets and handling prowess like a model UN, but you’d never notice that when you’re riding a Tarmac. You’ll just feel like you’re riding the perfect bike.


Options—Specialized want you to have them. That’s why there is a rim brake Tarmac and a disc version. No matter your preference, you’re covered. And better yet, the two versions are evenly matched on aero performance, speed, and handling, so your choice is really left to what you like and not what you’re willing to sacrifice.


Introducing the lightest and most accurate power meter on the market; the all-new S-Works Power Cranks. An outlandish claim you may say, but Specialized have been able to achieve this through combining the incredibly light and stiff, carbon fiber S-Works road cranks with dual-sided power measurement, making it the lightest (440g/172.5mm) and most accurate power meter available.

No One Else Would Go to This Length

We literally examine every ply of carbon on every single frame size we make to ensure that all of our performance targets come through on the finished product. The process is absurdly detailed, because what works on a 49cm doesn’t work on a 61cm. So, to make sure you get the perfect ride, every frame gets a unique layup schedule with different ply arrangements, orientations, quantities of material in specific areas, and sometimes, even exclusive thicknesses and types of carbon itself.

Below, you’ll find just a few of these places where this dark magic is applied:

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The New S-Works 7 Road Shoe is here

More Comfortable: The goal was for the upper to comfortably wrap the foot. This is accomplished by offset zonal closure, more padding on the tongue and heel cup, and strategic placement of Dyneema mesh. Through improved construction, the front of the shoe has more volume on the sides, reducing pressure on the 1st and 5th metatarsal. On previous generations of Specialized shoes, the bayonets that hold the dials were sewn in. They have advanced to thermo bonding for better durability and no chance for discomfort from stitches.

Better Outsole: Extensively engineered for stiffness and weight. Pressure mapping from riders and FE analysis informed a specific layup and shapes, delivering a stiffness index of 15.

Better Boas: Proprietary S3 Boa dials are cnc’d from alloy. Spring clutch internals for extended durability.

Better Availability: The shoes are unisex with all colors offered in all sizes. Half sizes available in some colours and a wide option is also coming.

  • Pressure mapping has been used to determine where force is applied while riding
    leading to a specific geometry lay-up
  • Lightweight and stiff due to efficient use of material and shapes

  • Padlock Heel holds back of foot in place while pedalling
  • Dyneema mesh one-piece upper wraps around midfoot providing secure, comfortable fit
  • Laser cut for precision and thermobonded for comfort and durability. The dyneema mesh in the one piece upper wraps around the midfoot and using our zonal closure system you have the most secure fit.
  • All materials and Boa components are welded together to eliminate any stack-up that might press against the foot uncomfortably
  • Dorsal artery padded to not effect bloodflow when the shoe is tightened
  • S3 Boa dials are cnc’d from alloy with spring clutch internals for extended durability

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