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Welcome to the Family

Thanks for choosing The Ride Cycles for your new bike purchase ­ welcome to the family!!!

You’ve not only just bought yourself a nice shiny new bike, you’ve invested in a healthier lifestyle, an environmentally friendly transport alternative, quality time with friends and family, a way to escape the rat­race etc. etc.

Whatever your reason for riding, you want that investment (your new bike) to be reliable and ready to go when you need it so you can simply enjoy the experience of riding. Regular preventative maintenance is the key to optimum performance/maximum enjoyment!

Here are some tips to help you best protect that investment.

When should you get your bike serviced?

As part of buying a new bike from us we offer 3 services in the first year of your new bikes life.

What? When? How Much?
1st Service

This is probably the MOST important service for your new bike.

We build all our bikes to the highest standard however after a few rides we need to check that everything is tight and functioning correctly.

After approximately 15­-20 hours of riding.

For most riders this is about

4­-6 weeks.

2nd Service

Bike is stripped down to the frame, drivetrain is, degreased, regreased & re­lubed, Bottom Bracket is removed and re­greased, wheels are given a basic true, bike is detailed.

6 Months Half Price!
3rd Service

Same as 2nd Service

12 Months Half Price!

We recommend servicing your bike once a year at the very least however this will depend on how much you ride. If you ride more your bike will of course need more frequent servicing. 

Fork and shock manufacturers also recommend regular service intervals to extend the life and enhance the performance of your suspension. If left too long between servicing, you can do significant and often expensive damage. We generally find these intervals are around 12 months for regular riders, but ask us for more information

Give us a call to schedule a service or make a booking request here. Bookings are essential for prompt turnaround.

What can you do to look after your bike between servicing?

Keep it indoors

Weather is a bikes worst enemy! A bike that is left outside will have a significantly shorter lifespan than one that is garaged. If you are unable to store your bike inside you might want to consider a waterproof cover for your bike.

Clean bikes go faster

Your bike will get dirty at some point through normal use. Keeping your bike clean will not only make it operate better, it will look amazing too!

Ask us about the best way to clean your bike.

Lube Your Chain

Your new bike has a grease like coating on the chain. After a few hours on the bike this will wear away and your chain will need to be lubricated again. We recommend synthetic bike specific lubricants. The MOST important but often forgotten step in the chain lube process is to….. WIPE AWAY THE EXCESS!!! Too much chain lube is not only messy and unsightly, it will also will attract grit. When chain lube and grit come together they form an abrasive paste which leads to premature wear. It is also important to degrease and remove old dirty lube regularly to reduce the build-up of this paste.

Ask us about what sort of lube is right for your bike and riding style, and for tips about keeping your chain lubed correctly.

Keep Your Tyres Inflated

By keeping your tyres inflated at the correct pressure you reduce your risk of “pinch­ flats”, your bike will handle predictably every time and will require less effort to pedal. We recommend purchasing a floor pump with a gauge (if you don’t already have one) and checking your tyre pressure before every ride.

Your tyres will have a min and max pressure printed on the side of the tyre.


Pay attention to the noises your bike makes. A well maintained bike should operate quietly. If your bike is making an unusual noise, there is always a reason. It may be as simple as your chain needs lubricating or it may be something more which, if left unchecked, could cause longer term damage.

If you’re not sure what is causing the noise bring your bike in and we can sort it out.

If Your Bike Has Disc Brakes

Below is a fairly standard step­ by ­step process for “Bedding In” your brakes. “Bedding In” is essential to ensure optimum brake performance.

  1. Find yourself a long stretch of road, or better yet a nice long downhill road.
  2. Ride up to a moderate speed of around 20km/h
  3. Apply both brakes firmly till you are at a walking pace, but DO NOT COME TO A STOP
  4. Continue riding up to speed and repeat steps (2) and (3) approximately 20 times
  5. Continue riding, but this time at a quicker pace of around 30km/h
  6. Apply both brakes firmly till you are at a walking pace, but DO NOT COME TO A STOP
  7. Continue riding up to speed and repeat steps (5) and (6) approximately 10 times

In addition to the above, here are some further tips:

  • Don’t overcook the brakes in the bed ­in process (by going too fast), otherwise you’ll glaze the pads.
  • Don’t ‘drag’ the brakes or be overly gentle about it, as that is another way to develop an overly smooth pad surface that will create noise.
  • Avoid trying to bed­ in brakes on your very first ride off ­road.

What Else Do I Need?

So you’ve bought a bike, you’ve got your helmet and away you go right? Unfortunately, punctures are a part of riding bikes, you will get one at some point. Do you have the right gear to fix it on the ride or are you going to let a nasty little bit of glass cut your ride short?

There are a number of items that will increase your enjoyment on the bike. From being self­sufficient by carrying the right spares such as tubes and pumps for your bike to gear that will make the ride more comfortable such as padded shorts, gloves, riding kit etc.

Ask us about what else you might need for your type of riding.

Come Ride With Us!!

We love riding all types of bikes and have regular mountain bike and road bike rides leaving from the shop. Our rides are very social and cater for all level of rider. Check them out here.

Now go ride your bike!

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